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Ways to Help Your Child Bloom

The loveliest flowers usually have the best gardener—and that’s you! Staying involved in your child’s education is the key to a successful year.  I value your input, and would really like to hear from you if you ever have a question.  I hope to work together as a team this year—you, your child, and myself to help make the third grade at Prairie Wind the most positive experience for everyone.


 Important Details

Spelling- Every Monday your child should bring home a list of the week’s spelling words. They can use this list to study from and give themselves a practice test before they take the test on Friday.   If you notice these are not coming home, you may want to question your child about it.

            Appropriate behavior in our classroom is important for every child. It is a necessity that we learn to work, cooperate, study, play, and get along. I realize that it is not possible for everyone to be best buddies, but I FULLY EXPECT that everyone will treat each other with respect, kindness, and courtesy. It saddens me when people treat each other in a mean, hurtful, heartless manner. Let’s try to avoid this in our classroom.

                        It is also important for everyone to be attentive and on task during learning time. If one person is fooling around it distracts everyone in the class, including me. When I have to spend time in the hall with a student it takes away from our learning time. This is very serious.


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