Content standards have been set for each grade and subject.  Classroom instruction is planned to help students achieve the skills and acquire the knowledge they need to meet the content standards.


K01  Demonstrate phonological awareness.

K02  Memorize and recite familiar nursery rhymes and poems.

K03  Apply knowledge of the organization of print to reading.

K04  Name upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.

K05  Produce single consonant and short vowel sounds.

K06  Recognize color, number, and high frequency words.

K07  Listen to fiction and nonfiction to demonstrate understanding.

K08  Self-select and independently "read" fiction and nonfiction materials.

K09  Write the letters of the alphabet.

K10  Use writing to convey messages.

K11  Use oral language to communicate.

K12  Gain information and complete tasks through listening.

K13  Recognize that people come from different cultural backgrounds.



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