Classroom Information

Classroom Information


Book Orders


    Book order forms will be sent home once a month.  I use two different forms so you will have more variety. Cash and checks are accepted. If you order from both forms you can write one check made out to Scholastic.  Although book orders are not required, they are an inexpensive way to reinforce what we are learning in the classroom.  The due dates will always be written on the back of the form.





    You can send non-edible birthday treats for your child's birthday. We ask that invitations for birthday parties be handed out outside of the school setting.  This helps to eliminate hurt feelings.




    We will be eating lunch at 11:00.  Your child may bring a cold lunch or buy a hot lunch. The menus are sent home but you can also view them on line.




Monthly Calendar


    At the beginning of every month a classroom calendar will be sent home.  Please check the calendar daily so that your child can wear tennis shoes on gym days and bring their library book on library days.  The calendar will also have information about special events and due dates for book orders.





Bear Words


    Each month along with the calendar your child will bring home a paper with a teddy bear on it that will have that month's sight words.  Your child needs to practice reading these words at home.  At the end of each month I will test your child over the teddy bear words.  These words are also on my web page.



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