Mrs. Romsa

Homework & Weekly Assignments


Incomplete work from the school day will be sent home and should be returned to school the following day completed.  If your child is unable to complete homework, please send a note informing me of this.  I will make sure they have to complete the assignment that day or they may bring the work back the following day.  If your child fails to return completed homework, they will need to be in study hall that day in order to complete their work.  In this way, hopefully, your child will not fall behind with incomplete assignments.

Some nights your child will have an assigned task to complete, other nights they will be asked to practice at home.  Even though it is not an assignment, I do ask that students do some “practice” at home each night. This may include reading their weekly story, practicing spelling or vocabulary words, practicing math facts, or reading for enjoyment.  A schedule of what the students are expected to do each night is listed below.



Weekly Homework

Each week I ask that students complete the following assignments/tasks at home each night.  The Weekly Reading Note and Spelling Take Home are the only assignments that need to be returned to school.  Please note that the Book It goal for 3rd grade is to read 100 minutes each week at home, by following this schedule- students should be reaching their goal.  Just sign the monthly Book It calendar and your student will receive a free mini pizza.



Read weekly Reading Story (20 minutes of reading)

Answer story question

Review new vocabulary words



      Read for 20 minutes

      Review vocabulary words



      Practice Math Facts

      Read for 20 minutes



      Reread Reading Story

      Study Spelling and Vocabulary Words



      Read for 20 minutes

      Practice Math Facts