We will be participating in 3 units of study this year.

1. Rocks and Minerals

2. Electricity and Magnets

3. Food Chains


During our look at Rocks and Minerals, we will be looking identifying the difference between the two. We will also be discussing the 3 types of rocks: Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic. By conductings experiements, we will be determining the characteristics of each type of rock. We will also discuss the uses of rocks and minerals.

Our electricity and magnet unit will show us how the two work together to make a light work. Open and closed circuits will be some of our vocabulary words. We will be working with static electricity as well.

Our food chains unit will allow us to disect some owl pellets. Students are able to get a hands-on opportunity to see how a food chain actually works. We will also be creating a food chain of our own using  pictures of different animals.


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