Classroom Information

Classroom Information


 School Hours

    School begins promptly at 9:05.  Please be sure your child is on time for school. We have a very busy schedule and we must begin on time.  School ends at 3:55.  We will dismiss out the southeast doors.

Classroom News

    A classroom newsletter will be sent home monthly to inform you on what we are doing in the classroom as well as school activities.  I will also send home a monthly calendar that shows special classes as well as school events.


   We will be eating lunch at 12:30 every day.  Your child may bring a cold lunch from home or buy a school lunch for $1.35.  You are welcome to come and eat with your child any time.  There will be more information about school lunch sent home the first week of school. 


              Behavior Management Plan 

School Rules:

1.  Keep hands, feet, objects, and mouth to self.
2.  Listen and follow directions.
3.  Stay in seat upon request.
4.  Raise hand and speak with permission.
5.  Be friendly, respectful, and caring to all.

If a rule is broken, the following steps will be taken:
Step 1: Verbal warning
Step 2:  Time out/cool down
Step 3:  Check mark and note sent home
Step 4:  Time out in another room, study hall, or PAC room
Step 5:  Office

Weekly Papers

    Weekly papers will be sent home with your child each Friday in their green folder.  Please take the time look these over with your child so they can share with you what they are learning. Return the folder on Monday with your child.


Book Orders

   Every month your child will bring home a book order form.  It contains books that you may order for your child.  If you would like to order, please send a check payable to the book club company.  This is a wonderful way to increase your child’s library at a lower cost.





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