Classroom Information


At arrival, students will line up in the first grade line east of the building  in the kindergarten fenced playground or the gym if they eat breakfast at school.  At the bell, a teacher will walk the first grade line to their classrooms.  At dismissal, I will escort students who go to kid’s club to the cafeteria to check in bus or a day care students to their bus or van.  I will walk the rest of the class to the kindergarten fenced area on the east side of the building to wait for their ride or siblings.


Behavior Management Plan
We have a school wide behavior plan at Prairie Wind.  A chart is used to record verbal warnings, time-outs, notes home, and visits to the principal’s office.  I use this system in my room along with the rest of the staff  (Library, P.E., Music, Art, and  Guidance).  
     Step 1:  Verbal Warning                     
     Step 2:  5 minutes out at recess/classroom            
     Step 3:  Note sent home, 10 minutes out at recess/
other classroom

     Step 4:  Visit to the PAC room for a cool down/time out
     Step 5:  Visit to the office, phone call home/referral      

    Everyday a folder will come home showing their behavior.  Green-good choices.  Yellow-warnings.  Orange-time outs and a note home.  Red-removal from the room and note or call home.  Students with all green marks will earn weekly treats and a monthly  citizenship party.

    In our classroom we will have a pocket chart, where students will have “best behavior blue” sticks.  When making good behavior or work choices, the student will be able to put their stick in for prize drawings throughout the year to promote good citizenship.



We will focus on one story each week.  We will be studying phonics, word families, sight words, and grammar.  We will be building independent reading and writing skills through Daily 5, where we will work on independent and buddy reading, word work, writing, and listening to reading.  Independent and buddy reading will be from our book baskets, which will be good fit books at their reading level where they know most of the words.  Word work will be spelling and reading decodable words and sight words.  Writing will be independent journaling that will build story ideas and focus on punctuation and capitalization.  Listening to reading will be through stories on CD and interactive reading programs and websites.



Math:  We will focus on numbers, counting to 100, addition/subtraction facts, telling time to the hour and half hour, identifying and counting money, measurement, shapes, sorting, graphing, and patterns.  Second quarter we will begin time tests, so you may want to work on addition/subtraction facts at home by using flashcards or reviewing work completed at school.


A weekly spelling and high frequency word list will go home on Mondays.  We will practice all week and test on Friday.  Please review both lists at home each week in addition to practicing the extra words at the bottom.  Homework activities are on the back of the spelling word sheet.

Social Studies/Science:  

We will be learning various themes throughout the year through hands on projects, leveled readers, and magazines.  Such as Living/Non-Living Animals, Solids-Liquids-Gases, Rocks-Soil-Sand, Earth, Sun, Moon, Maps, Communities, Work, United States, Customs, Holidays, Cultures, Current Events…

In First grade we do a majority of schoolwork in the classroom.  However there are many things you can do with your child at home for them to be successful in first grade.  Here are a few helpful hints:

*Read nightly for at least 10 minutes

*Have your child keep a daily journal or take turns writing letters to your child    

*Practice spelling words and sight words

*Make a game out of addition/subtraction flashcards

*Give your child opportunities to identify loose change

*Practice Addition and Subtraction Facts   

Notes Home

      A folder will come home with work, notes, and a daily behavior calendar each day.  This is a good time to look over your child’s papers with them and discuss what they have learned.  They will return the folder each day.  If you need to return notes or send lunch money or messages, please send them in the folder. 

Also look for homework that may include spelling lists, flashcards of sounds or words, and books to read and return.

    Each month I’ll send home a monthly calendar of our specials and a class newsletter of what we have been learning in our classroom.

    Every Friday is Spirit Day.  Your child may wear their Prairie Wind T-Shirt or school colors:   purple, black , or gray to be entered for the Spirit drawing.

School Supplies
Although school supplies are provided by the district your child is welcome, but not required, to bring additional materials:

School glue (4oz.-No glue sticks please) 

2 boxes of tissue

2 container of clorox wipes

Small crayon/pencil box (5x8)

2 pink erasers

2 box of Expo Dry Erase Markers

1 pack of #2 pencils

1 bag of individually wrapped candy (no peanuts)

Back pack without wheels

1 pair of P.E. shoes


Please do not label school supplies.  They will be distributed as needed.



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