Welcome to Fifth Grade - Mrs. Busboom - Room #28

Mrs. Kathy Busboom

Fifth Grade at Prairie Wind

Welcome to Fifth Grade!  During the course of this school year, you will see many positive changes and much growth in your child academically.  Your child's school year will begin with us covering some review lessons and then moving on to more challenging concepts.  We understand that each child learns and progresses in very different ways and have set up our fifth grade team of teachers, to best assist each individual child's needs.  

I will be departmentalizing this year.  Mrs. Arvie will be working with your children for Social Studies.  This way I can do my best to familiarize myself with the Science curriculum, while getting to know my own classroom students and understand each child's learning styles and work habits.  The following website is designed to keep you well informed about the daily and weekly events of fifth grade so that we can have a safe, fun, and productive school year.        
I am looking forward to the school year.  It will be an exciting one for all of us.  Please remember, everything we do here at school is in conjunction with your efforts and support at home.

A letter with specific info is being sent home on the first day of school.  I hope it will answer many of your questions - look for this.  If you have any further concerns or questions please see me or call me at 491-0859.  Here's to a year with new adventures!



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Computer Links

Your child will be going to the Computer Lab on a weekly basis,as well as working on laptops in the classroom regularlyWe will be working on the skills and websites that can be found under the Prairie Wind Student Links Fifth Grade Web Page.  Click on the Computer button above to take you to the links we will be working on this year.  

Contact Me

If you need to contact me,
please feel free to call me at 491-0859,
or email me by clicking on the mailbox button
above. My email address is: kathleen.busboom@ops.org
I look forward to working
with your child this year!