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Volunteer Opportunities

We are extremely fortunate to be blessed with such wonderful library volunteers.  Their dedication and devotion is an essential part of our library program here at Prairie Wind Elementary School.  Our Adult Volunteers perform a variety of functions in our library.  They include:

** Re-Shelving Books that have been returned by our students

** Helping students find books of interest if they have trouble finding books and the librarians are assisting other students find books

**Creating materials for display on bulletin boards or for student use (such as bookmarks)

**Assisting the Library Staff with Clerical Work

Our Adult Volunteers receive training by the library staff on how to perform the chosen duties, however they do not perform tasks that they would feel uncomfortable.  The Volunteers will not be placed in any position that would place them in an instructional or disciplinary capacity with students (unless the volunteer wishes to be a guest reader on occasion).

To Volunteer: To obtain details on becoming a volunteer, please contact Mr. Levitt or Mrs. Moriarty at Prairie Wind Elementary School at (402) 491-0859 and ask to speak to us!

Hope to see you soon! 

Thank you for your consideration!


Prairie Wind Library Staff

Student Volunteer Program

We are in the planning stages of beginning a student volunteer program at Prairie Wind!  They would perform some of the same functions that our adult volunteers perform.  Keep your eyes tuned here for more information when it becomes available!


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