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This page is for all things related to Prairie Wind Elementary School's Drama Club:  The Prairie Wind Players!


Though at this time, our play selection has not been set, this is what you can expect.  We expect to put on two plays per school year with one performed in December and the other in April or May.  Every production features two evening performances of the play.  The first performance is traditionally just for our Adopt-A-School Partners but our second performance is for anyone and everyone who can come (especially family members!).   All Drama Club members are expected to arrive to prepare for each production one hour prior to show time.  Depending upon costuming and last minute preparations, actors may be asked to arrive earlier than set crew.  Dates and Performance Times will be placed in this space when they become available!

We always appreciate volunteers to help with concessions and post production clean up!

We hold meetings on Thursdays and Fridays starting at 4:15 to 5:15pm.  Meetings will start right after school in the library but will most often end in the gymStudents are required to be picked up by 5:20pm!  The school nor the Advisors to the Drama Club will be providing rides home!

Please see the Code of Conduct information below to know whether or not you or your 4th or 5th grade student is qualified to participate!

 If you have any questions and/or you wish to help us with Drama Club events, please contact Mr. Levitt or Ms. Schulte.

Did you know you can follow us on Facebook (except at school!)?  Our Club name is "PrairieWind Drama Club."  Everything we do is posted there as well as here!

We hope to see you all soon!


The Prairie Wind Players was started in the Spring of 2009 by Mr. Levitt, Ms. Koneck, and Mr. Houfek with the support of the Intermediate Teachers, Mrs. Knutsen-Peatrowsky (Prairie Wind's Principal), the Prairie Wind PTA, and the Northwest High School Drama Department.

Code of Conduct

What your student needs to be a member of The Prairie Wind Players:

1. Be in the 4th or 5th Grade at Prairie Wind Elementary School

2. Have a signed permission slip with Parent and Emergency Contact Information turned in to Mr. Levitt or Ms. Schulte by the second meeting of the Drama Club. No exceptions!

3. Meet the academic and behavioral requirements as defined by Ms. Schulte and Mr. Levitt. These requirements are: All homework turned in/no missing work, getting 3's or better in their grades, NO PAC or Office Referrals (NO EXCEPTIONS!), No more than 3 warnings a week!

4. Willing and able to meet regularly after school on Thursdays and Fridays for 1 hour or, if needed, later (notice will be given ahead of time).

5.  Arrangements for transportation home immediately after Drama Club is over must be made ahead of time! No transportation, no Drama Club!! *Walking is acceptable for transportation*

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