Famous Explorers Project Overview

The Learning Target for this project will be to utilize at least two online resources and at least one text based source in the completion of this project.

The project will consist of the selection of a Famous European Explorer, the completion of the accompanying graphic organizer, and the construction of a visual aid (such as a diorama) to accompany the graphic organizer.

At least one online resource has been provided below.  The other online resource that you should utilize is WorldBook Online or another Online Reference site listed in the "Research Links" to the right.

There is no limit to the number of resources you use provided the minimum requirements are met.

Every resource must be recorded on the project.  The format to be used is the following:

Book:  Author (Last Name, First Name).  Title

Website and Image:  Author or Organization (if listed).  Website Title.  http://

Wikipedia can be used for IMAGES ONLY!

Below is a list of approved websites to use for information.


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